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Silver Creek 06-22-2020 06:29 AM

More Free Kindle Fly Tying Book - For Today
Free Today for Kindle users.

101 Favorite Nymphs and Wet Flies: History, Tying Tips, and Fishing Strategies Kindle Edition by David Klausmeyer

The Fly-Fisher's Craft: The Art and History Kindle Edition

If you have an Amazon Account but no Kindle, your can set up and download it to the Kindle Cloud reader and it will be available to read on other devices or when and if you buy a Kindle.

david vaughn 06-22-2020 06:53 AM

Thanks, Silver for the link to these free books. Whenever you post them, I always take a look to see if it is something I need. Well, the 101 Nymph book has just been added to the thousands of other Kindle books I possess.

Many thanks indeed!

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