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kafka3 08-03-2020 11:19 AM

Creekhiker: Heading up today. Probably have either tmrw or Wednesday to be on the water. Will report.

kafka3 08-05-2020 08:56 PM

Report: Fished the WFLC in Greer Tuesday morning. On the water around 6, but nothing happening until 8. Then a lot of insect activity. And a few fish, all on a small caddis. Lost one. Brought three to hand. All browns 4-6 inches, and very acrobatic. I swear they got more air than there was water beneath them. Got about a mile and a half up the trail. Then (while waders seemed like a great idea at 6am) started to get hot, so headed back. Had some lunch and did some recon on the LCR below the resevior, and went for a drive out to Sheep's Crossing, but didn't fish. Did a quick hike in the evening.
Wednesday morning headed down to the LCR below the dam. Hiked about a half mile downstream, worked a number of spots on the way back up, but nothing going on. Took a lunch break, and headed out to the WFBR. First time there. What a beautiful stream/trail/hike. Started downstream around 1:15. Took my time on the way down, checking out the work on the restricted area. Took a couple shots in the cienga area, but didn't seem promising, so didn't really put much effort in until I got past it. After that, I lost two, and brought four to hand. All browns. 4-7" Seemed if I could locate a cast in productive water, a fish would respond. 5.3 miles total out and back. Didn't fish much on the way back up. Was content for the day. Just took in the beauty the trail offers. Thanks to everyone for all the info. Heading to the Upper Rio Grande in a couple weeks. This was a nice little warm up.

kafka3 08-13-2020 09:21 PM

Sorry for the lag time on the report. Tried posting while I was up there, but my login kept timing out or something.
Tuesday morning, fished the WFLCR starting at government springs. Made it about 1.5 miles up. Started at 6am, but nothing was going on. Then around 8 it started. Lots of insect activity. Brought 3 small browns to hand, and lost another. Just after 9, hiked back to town. Waders at 6am seemed like a great idea. A couple hours later, not so much, even up there. Plus, they weren't necessary at all. Got back to our cabin, cooled off, and took my mom for a drive out to Sheeps Crossing for recon, as well as just a scenery cruise around the area. Sheep's Crossing parking lot was full, so i crossed that off my list. I don't go to trout waters to be around people. Went for a short hike in the evening.
Wednesday morning, went down to the LCR below the reservoir. Not much happening there. But only made it about a half mile down from the dam. Didn't care to hump too far in. Came back, had an early lunch and headed out to the WFBR. I've been to the EF many times. The WF might be my favorite place in the world (although I say that about a lot of places where trout live). What a beautiful hike. Went in just over 2.5 miles, and worked the river on the way back. Brought 4 browns to hand (4-7 inches), and lost a couple. Seemed as though every piece of water that looked productive, and that i could manage to flick a cast into, had a fish in it. Not a ton of bug activity, but it was mid-afternoon. Didn't seem to bother the trout though, as they were eager to slurp up a foam caddis. I think any attractor pattern would work.
If I hadn't caught anything, it would have a been a perfect day anyway. Wow! What a gorgeous place!
So, all in all, spent about six hours fishing/hiking. And brought some pretty, wild fish to hand. The rest of the trip was just spending quality time with mom. Can't complain about anything. Good warm-up for a trip next week to the upper Rio Grande. Never fished in that area. Spent a lot of time in the Roaring Fork Valley, but that place is a zoo now. Looking forward to learning new waters. Planning to fish the main river, but also smaller creeks. Anybody familiar with the area care to drop some knowledge?

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