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What is the Infraction System?
The infraction system is built into vBulletin (our current forum software). It is designed to help AZFlyandTie administrators deal with rule breaking-situations in a consistent manner.

Why do you have it?
We strive for AZFlyandTie to be a community where civil discussion is the norm. As such, when the rules are broken we wish to deal with this in as consistent and fair a manner as possible for the best interests of the community.

What is an infraction?
An infraction is a rule reminder that may or may not have ‘points’ associated with it. These points also have an expiration date.

How does it work?
When administrators see rule breaking posts, they issue infractions. Infractions can be issued as rule reminders, which carry zero points, or infractions which carry certain number of points. Typically, a first offense will only merit a warning although this is at the moderator's discretion. A second breaking of same rule will result in points being issued. Third breaking of same rule will be a ‘repeat infraction’ and carry more points than the first infraction. When a user reaches predetermined levels of unexpired points, the user is given a temporary ban. First temporary ban is for 7 days, second and subsequent temporary bans are for 30 days or more.

Where can I find the AZFlyandTie rules?
There are site wide rules, viewable at In addition, rules are stickied at the top of the General Discussion forum. Please familiarize yourself with the site wide and forum specific rules.

Why did I get an infraction?
A administrator believed that you broke one of the rules of AZFlyandTie.

Why are these infractions necessary? Couldn’t an admin just have PM’d me?
This was indeed how we handled issues for years at AZFlyandTie. But as the number of users / forums / moderators grew, this informal mechanism made it difficult to track issues and more importantly meant that it was very hard to apply rules consistently.

Why does AZFlyandTie have so many rules?
Originally AZFlyandTie had no rules, but over the years as the site and membership grew we found that it was necessary to add rules to keep the community healthy and welcoming. All rules were developed in response to specific recurring situations we observed that we felt negatively impacted the community.

I don't believe the infraction was warranted. What can I do?
If you believe the infraction was unwarranted, PM the issuing administrator and make your case. Please be civil at all times. If you do not agree with the administrator's response, you can ask for it to be reviewed by one of the site administrators – this is best done by using the ‘Contact Us’ button at the bottom of the page. If you disagree with the administrator's response, you may appeal to site ownership.

When do my points expire?
Each infraction carries points along with an expiry date. These are viewable on your profile page.

Can anyone else see my infractions?
Only you and administrators can see your infractions.

Why did I get a temp ban?
The points for the issued infraction, coupled with your other unexpired points, put you over a certain threshold and triggered it. First temporary ban is for 7 days, subsequent temporary bans are 7 days/30 days depending on total points received/unexpired.

Why did the administrator ban me?
Please note that administrators very rarely issue actual bans. They use the infraction system and issue the appropriate infraction depending on the offense and how many times the user has broken the same rule. That infraction has points automatically associated with it; the administrator cannot change those points. If the new total unexpired points are over a certain level, the infraction system then issues the actual ban with duration being based on number of prior temp band bans / total points.

Someone else was doing the same thing. Did they get an infraction too?
We typically do not disclose this information for privacy / courtesy reasons. Please be more concerned with your own behavior than that of others. If you see rule breaking posts, do not rise to them but report them (using the red triangle ‘report post’ icon) and move on – an administrator will deal with it.

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