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Old 11-12-2009, 01:54 PM
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2009 Weekly Contest Patterns


week 1 -Leeches
week 2 -Emergers
week 3 -caddis Cased, pupa or larva only
week 4 -Adams
week 5 -Aquatic organisms other than nymphs. Ie annelids, snails, scuds, waterboatmen
week 6 -trico spinners
week 7 -bass flies
week 8 -ants
week 9 -parachutes
week 10 -Czech Nymph
week 11 -Sparkle Pupa
week 12 -Prince Nymph, The Red Tag, or The Zug Bug
week 13 -Open but must have copper wire.
week 14 -damsel nymph
week 15 -Open but must use deer or elk hair
week 16 -Drake
week 17 -Shop Grab bag
week 18 -Hopper/Cricket
week 19 -Free tie but must include peacock hearl
week 20 -Stonefly type Dry fly
week 21 -Multi colored wire copper John's
week 22 -Cicadas no foam allowed to be used.
week 23 -Chironimids with no wire allowed.
week 24 -Any dry hackled fly that is an attractor.
week 25 -Any dry no hackles can be used.
Week 26 -The one fly you would use at lee's ferry
week 27 -Simi seal fly
week 28 -surf fly
week 29 -Attractor wet fly
week 30-Terrestrials
week 31-free tie must include biot
week 32-trude dry flies
week 33-Free tie must have rubber legs
week 34-Stonefly's must use a size 10-6 hook
week 35-Must have gold or silver bead
week 36-must have Chenille
week 46-Muddler minnow
Week 47- Caddis lifecycle
Week 48- TBA
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