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Old 09-06-2006, 02:43 PM
Seldomseen Seldomseen is offline
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Bigfoot on the WMAT?

I dunno and am sort of pragmatic type of fellow. You can ask my wife.

I do believe there is more to this world than flesh and bone but don’t claim to be in touch with the paranormal or anything.

So what I am about to tell you is either a little out of character or confirmation of my insanity depending on your point of view.

Quite a few years ago, before we were married, my wife and I took a camping trip to Reservation Lake. While not as popular as today, there were still quite a few campers and we ended up in spot I am not too fond of near the lake. The first evening I kept getting a strange feeling. Like something was “passing through” me. My hair would even stand up. I did not say anything to my wife, but I had a full on case of the willies that night.

The next day, I drove up to the day use area on the upper west end to fish. On the way back, I stopped off and got out of the truck to get some dry kindling from the underside of some spruce. I was near where there is an old garbage dump. As I stepped into the woods, the willies came back……bad vibes. Now here is where it gets really weird. I kid you not – a voice said to me, quietly at first “leave”. There was nobody around. Again, a little louder this time “LEAVE”. I did not hang around for a third request. As you can imagine, I had a little more than the standard willies. All my hair was on end again, but this time I was in a cold sweat.

Again, I did not mention anything to my wife, except when I got back to camp; I asked if she would mind moving our campsite. Surprisingly, she offered no objection. In fact, she seemed oddly enthusiastic about it.

So we moved camp and the rest of the trip was uneventful.

A few weeks passed and I kept replaying these events in my head. One evening, during one of the last phone conversations I was to have with my father, I mentioned these happenings. After telling the story he went silent for a few moments, then said “Michael, both your grandfather and great-grandfather have told me similar stories about Reservation Lake”.

Once again my hair stood up.

I still had not said anything to my wife, but a couple days later decide to relate all of the above to her. She nodded and told me that she was eager to move the camp that afternoon because she had been seeing “spirits” walking through that first camp, including a sad older lady carrying a dead child. According to her, the lady had passed right through me a couple times.

Now I am not asking you to believe this story. I just telling you there are a couple places at Reservation Lake you will not find me hanging out. I don’t like to be where I am not welcome.

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Old 09-06-2006, 02:51 PM
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Spooky...I thought it was just me who got these feelings occasionally.
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Old 09-06-2006, 03:04 PM
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I have often camped at Pacheta lake hoping that some one else was there but after fishing all day long and then starting a fire still hoping some one would come, but no one does and so goes the long night.....spooky...... can't tell you how many times this has happen to me being alone at a lake where if you screamed like a man whatever that sounds like, no one would hear you.

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Old 09-06-2006, 03:10 PM
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Seldom told me that story when he and I were at Reservation a few years back and I have never forgotten about it. I won't tell you that he is completely sane, (who of any of us are completely sane?) but by the look on his face when he told me the story, he certainly believed everything he was saying.
There are some things that can't be explained and there are some things I'd rather not even try to figure out.
I know the area Seldom mentioned and you won't find me there either.

Creeps and idiots cannot conceal themselves for long on a fishing trip.
~ John Gierach
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Old 09-06-2006, 03:21 PM
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I am glad to say I have not had any usual encounters in the Whites, and I've camped at alot of these of these lakes mentioned.

Earlier this year I came across a post on AZBZ discussing some haunted experiences along the Black. You may find these interesting. Here it is -

Seldom - thats freaky.
So where is this place at Reservation Lake so I know to stay far away?
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Old 09-06-2006, 03:54 PM
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OK my turn guys...


Last year in Mexico me and two of my closest friends camp on Cerralvo Island 5 miles off the coast of La Paz. We have to obtain special permission from the Mexican Govt. to even step foot on the island as it was used heavily by drug smugglers back in the day. (OK even still, we hear huge power boats go screaming by at mach five in the wee hours of the morning with no lights on...) Pretty sure they are not trolling teasers... So every year we always run in to the Mexican Army, they check our permission letter and usually end up drinking all of our beer with us...

This particular trip me, Jim, and Eric were sitting outside of our tent enjoying a cold one when I got the whillies up and down my spine... Don't really know why but it happened. The island is supposedly one of those bizarre vortex areas. There are three ocean currents that converge at the tip of the island which is where we camp. Healing powers, hauntings, the whole nine have been rumored about Isla de Cerralvo. I wasn't a believer.

So let me back up a little. The day we came to the island I got very sick with strep throat and a kidney infection... I was in so much pain that first night we were going to pack the boat up the next day and head for the mainland hospital. Here is where s&*t gets creepy...

That night at the fire we were sitting around bs'ing, I was very ill and hopped up on tylenol with codene praying for the morning to arrive so we could head back. I looked up at the sky and noticed a very distinct game of pinball being played between about a half a dozen stars. I thought to myself, "better not say anyting, probably just wacked out from the medicine..." Sure enough after about ten double takes, I mentioned it to the guys. Sure as the water in the ocean, these bizarre objects in the sky seemed to be acting like a video game. Changing direction, speed, and frequency. This lasted for about 20 minutes and then they disappeared...

We all gazed at one another in disbelief... We were speachless... After passing around feeble attempts to explain what we had just seen we passed out. I was really feeling sick and praying my fever didn't get too high...

The next morning I awoke more refreshed that I have ever felt without a glimmer of pain or sickness in my body. I have chronic strep throat and the only way to rid it is antibiotic. That morning I felt great! I made breakfast, watched the sunrise and chucked my 8 wt into the breakers for jacks... Marco, our captain arrived a short time later in the panga to pick us up for a day of fishing...

After sharing our story with Marco about the lights in the sky his faced turned from happy to see us to pale white... Marco shared with us the story of his brothers and cousins out shark fishing one night and having a large bright light appear over them. That's all Marco could get out about the story. Marco's two brothers have not returned to that beach since then.

Now I am the biggest cynical a-hole out there but this story was too real and Marco's reactions were way too sincere to be fececious. Not to mention the dozen other fishermen that night that had seen the entire thing happen in other boats.

This was the most bizarre 24 hours of my life. I have never had anything like that happen before... What do you make of these strange occurances??? Who knows. All I know is what I saw was real. And my infections went away without medicine. Some call it God, others call it magic, and some even call it a bad batch of hash brownies. Call it what you will, that 24-hour period left me a believer in things far greater than our comprehension and understanding. I get chills every time I think about it...

Sorry for the short novel but this is 100% factual events of what happend on that beach in Mexico August 12th, 2005...
Cheers <")))><
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Old 09-06-2006, 03:58 PM
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I always camp at Reservation Lake during my fall trip and Reservation Lake has never given me the willies like Pacheta and Drift Fence have when I have camped there in the past. In fact I always felt like Reservation Lake was a safe haven even on the rare occasion that I was the only one in the campground ....but now ....THANKS ALOT guys!
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Old 09-06-2006, 04:38 PM
aztightlines aztightlines is offline
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Great story, must be something about fishing that brings out the other side of the brain's functions - the only time in life I am superstitious.
Had a strange experience at Chaco Canyon once on a San Juan trip, felt very anxious, almost claustrophobic, in one of the underground apartments - and I worked in an underground copper mine for years and am not claustrophobic.
Have spent many nights camped along the Black River and felt fine, but have no intention of taking any pottery shards or arrowheads home - definitely a bad "mojo" involved in that activity. Show lots of respect for the Fishing Gods and our hosts, the Apache Tribe,and go home safe, that's my credo.
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Old 09-06-2006, 06:18 PM
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Seldom& Flats Man,
That is seriously spooky stuff. Have a couple of stories of my own from New England but not related to fishing so will save for a campfire in the future. Seldom-I would avoid that area on Reservation Lake if you tell us where it is!!!
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Old 09-06-2006, 09:48 PM
bamboolives bamboolives is offline
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Spooky stories

When I saw the mention of Bigfoot in the Whites in the online version of WM Independent this week, I chuckled to myself. But after reading the posts the last two nites (esp. Seldom, 10lblunker and Flats), the hair is standing at attention on my neck! Wow.

I agree with local Tucson guru AZtighlines (nice plug, eh Rod?)...we are not always in control nor are we always alone when we think we are. Be good to and respect the fishing gods...I always pick up trash at the state/rez. lakes to tip my karma bank toward the positive...
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