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Old 07-09-2006, 05:12 PM
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Freeman Bugger - SJDrifli

Hook: Size 4-10 3XL long
Thread: Brown Uni 6/0
Tail: Marabou
Body: Large Brown Chenille
Hackle: Brown dry fly hackle size 14-16
Ribbing: Gold or copper wire
Bead: 4MM, 5/32" gold bead

1) Put bead on hook and wrap thread from the eye to the bend.
2) Tie in one marabou feather, length should be about half the hook shank.
3) Secure your wire, then hackle feather, then chenille.
4) Wrap the chenille to the bead and secure.
5) Wrap the hackle to the bead and secure.
6) Wrap the wire to the bead and secure. Because the hackle is stiff, you might not have to wiggle the wire as you are wrapping. If it looks like it is capturing some of the fibers, wiggle it a little back and forth as you are wrapping the wire forward.
7) Whip finish.

I started tying this fly in this manner one timebecause I ran out of bugger hackle and I found it works much better. Not sure why, as it does not pulse and undulate like a normal bugger. This pattern is killer on most any lake and I have fished it in many lakes. I have done well on the San Juan in the Sandhole ans even up to the Cable Hole. Fish it just as you would a regular bugger or leech or simi-seal leech in lakes.

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