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Old 10-01-2012, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
We got into growing and drying them when Lyle, who was my dad's best friend and fishing buddy, passed away. It was unexpected and his family (not flyfisherman) came over and just turned off everything at his house. He was a fantastic gardener and we hurried over to save as much as we could. We transplanted 12 plants, and only 7 made it. We carefully kept seeds and dried and cooked with others. After I married and we bought our house my dad started me a little plant, and gave it to me for our new house.

Now I have another reason to walk out into my garden and smile, even though I wish he was here to go fishing. It's amazing how even thought it's been years now, I can easily see his perfect cast, contrasting with his uncontained and just pure joy to the point of almost losing the fish, even though he was so experienced, we called it "fish fever" and the rod I bought that he wanted to try and fished with our last trip to the San Juan is always put away a little more carefully, and stored in the best spot.

One of the things I love most about life is all the threads that connect truly everything. How the bite of the spice of a chiltepin can bring back San Juan when I was 12 and the spiciest bean burrito I had ever eaten sitting on the bank till I could feel my feet again, as well as the more recent image of my dad with a twinkle of evil in his eye as he got Brad to eat one before I came out all dressed up, not knowing that he would sit down to dinner with him a year later and be asked for my hand.

The spice of life! The things that let you know you are truly alive! Be it a little pepper with a punch, or a fish just a little too big for the tippet you have on, or closing your eyes and imagining your other half walking towards you in the airport.

WOW! You should write a book. I'll take a dozen copies in advance.

Very touching story.
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