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Old 12-08-2009, 04:35 PM
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Heads Up!

Hey everyone, I hate to be the one that brings bad news. A reporter in Santa Fe posted a blog about the state budget defecit and planned furloughs of park employees to save money. Here's a link:

Right now the plan is to close ALL state parks (including day use areas like the Juan) on Christmas Eve. To make matters worse, there are 4 more closures this coming spring...all of them the Friday before a 3 day weekend. Does Juanuary 15th ring a bell?

In the article, there's an email address to a woman that's connected to the people that will be making the final decision on December 16th, I believe. If it were me being furloughed for a day, I'd just as soon have the Friday after the 3 day weekend off. Two 3 day weekends in a row and a 3 day work week in between. That'll be my recommendation when I email them. If I'm done with my elk hunt and don't go back to work, I plan on going to the meeting to raise **** about it. I've got the feeling making this thing open to the public wasn't too smart. It also includes the Friday before Memorial Day and that won't sit well with a lot of families.

If you get a chance, read the article and send the state an email about this.


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