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Old 01-04-2009, 08:34 AM
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Trophy Trout Lake Potential?

In your opinion, what lake in the White Mountain region (that is not on tribal land) has the greatest potential to become a trophy stillwater fishery? Remember, I'm talking potential - not what is producing the best at this particular time. For the purposes of this discussion, I don't want to consider tribal stillwaters - I'll explain why later.

Like several members of this forum, I'm a life member of the Henry's Lake Foundation (a non-profit) that works to preserve and enhance this stillwater as a trophy trout fishery I'm convinced that without the foundation's efforts Henry's Lake would not be what it is today. I absolutely love Henry's Lake and wonder why we can't have something similar in Arizona. Specifically, why can't we form a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and start working with the AZ Game & Fish to develop a trophy stillwater fishery like Henry's. It would take some political assistance to get the G&F to take this seriously; however, I believe it can be done. The reason I don't think the same is possible on tribal land is specifically because we can't bring the same political pressure to bear that we could on the G&F.

So back to my original question. If you were going to choose a single stillwater in AZ that you believe has the potential (if managed correctly) to become a world class stillwater trophy fishery - which one would it be? BTW, I'm not thinking exotic species for such a lake. I'm of the opinion it should be Rainbows and Brookies (maybe Browns).

I would choose Crescent Lake. Other than size, Crescent has many of the atributes (like Henry's Lake) that I believe give it the potential to become something very special. What do you think? More importantly, would you become active in a "? Lake Foundation"? I have several acquaintences currently serving in the AZ legislature and believe they would help. Heck, we could get Dub appointed to the G&F Commission

Am I nuts or is this possible?

I would not consider Big Lake simply because I don't think any amount of political pressure will change if from the "put & take" fishery it has historically been. Big lake is just too darn popular with the bait crowd.

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