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Old 04-07-2015, 10:44 PM
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I find it strange when people encroach closely at remote places without at least acknowledging someone and communicating. Stay a good distance away and don't give someone a reason to be suspicious.

I had a similar experience last year when my wife and I were camped at a fairly remote location on a dead end 4x4 road that was hike in access to some water. A truck pulled in around 2am and setup camp no more than 50 ft from us. I could have been fine with that sorta, but then they left their Tacoma running all night long on purpose. They were fly fisherman but didn't even make an effort to explain or at least introduce themselves after that. Bad judgment I thought and its a shame some people don't have better respect in the outdoors for others.
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Old 04-07-2015, 11:07 PM
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Westy I bet on the flip side they thought you where out for the night and they did't want to wake you by setting up camp. So they figured they would sleep in the heated truck for the night. I would be more upset for sure if I was a sleep in my tent and some guy un-zipped it to asked if he was to close to camp out for the night at 2am. I bet he would get my 357 bullet in the head for sure.
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Old 04-08-2015, 06:36 PM
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If they were out there to camp overnight and didn't have enough coldweather gear to be able to sleep comfortably within an enclosed truck cab without the heat running... then I'm definitely guessing they weren't the brightest bulbs on the tree to begin with. Poor form. With you 100% Westy.
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Old 04-08-2015, 08:22 PM
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The lake is not remote....just the area we were camping in.
One 24' trailer/Dodge 4x4/Bass boat, 1 36' toy hauler/Ford 4x4/quads/Bass boat, and my Ford 4x4/pop up camper/pram should not give the impression of a parking lot or pull-out.
The unmarked safe boat launch was 100 yds away.
Had the "intruders" been willing to communicate we could have made their outing much more enjoyable.
I have both intentially and inadvertantly walked into an occupied camp site, immediately identified myself, and stated my purpose for being there. Always been welcomed.
A procedure I would recommend for everyone.
I will refrain from commenting on my nickname or the holyness of the fly fishing community.

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