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Old 08-02-2006, 07:01 PM
FlyRookie FlyRookie is offline
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Who am I?

I am 29 years old have recently been thrown into fly fishing (which I haven't done yet). I was helping my father-in-law clean out his brothers garage. His brother has been in the hospital for a year and the bills are pilling up. Any how, his brother owned a fishing shop in Signal Hill, CA and closed his store. All of his fishing equipment has been stored in a storage unit for quite some time and I had the privilege to get to sort through it all. I was overwhelmed by the amount of supplies that he had, so I had to do some research.
I guess that I should g et back on the topic, I just thought that a little history would define my user name.
I live in Anthem, AZ with my wife Jackie, and my son Corbin. I am from Long Beach, CA and have lived in AZ for three years. I hope to pick up the sport pretty quick, so I knew that a site like this one would get me on my way.
I heard about the site from Chuck Green at Arizona FlyFishing in Tempe. I asked him questions about some tackle that I showed him, and told him my story. He gave me this site to find some help with this Fly Fishing treasure of mine. I would like to be able to meet some real fly fishing enthusiasts that are honest and excited about fly fishing. Not only to chat with, but someone who can help me go through my fly fishing loot and explain to me some of the uses and qualities of the gear. I feel wierd writing this message given the fact that I have just joined the site but I don't know of any better way to get started in understanding what I have. If there is anyone who can offer me any type of help I would greatly appreciate it.
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Old 08-03-2006, 11:12 AM
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Location: Moon Valley-Phoenix
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Moved to Phoenix in late 2004 after many years in So. Cal. I still quite often find myself on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, as some of my favorite trips are always to the lower Owens River w/my old man during the fall and winter and to the Mammoth Lakes area during the summer with my family.

Hope to learn more about the fisheries here in AZ in the next year or so (have made a few trips to Lees Ferry and to the Rim this year) and any help would be appreciated!

I also tend to do a fair amount of travel (mainly job related), and usually bring the rod and/or clubs if I can find some free time. My brother lives in Bend, OR - so I have become a bit familiar w/the central Oregon fisheries, too. Hope to see you out there......TBone
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Old 08-12-2006, 10:15 AM
dgarland0 dgarland0 is offline
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Location: Tucson, AZ
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Well I was born in 1970, and was raised in Huntington Beach Calif. Moved to Reno, NV to go to school and play ball in 1992, then moved to Elko, NV to teach and coach in 1996. This is where I learned to fly fish, although I had taken a class from the Long Beach Casting Club in 1980, but since my Dad and I spent so much time in the Bishop, CA area with spinning rods and he didnt know how to fly fish it was difficult for me to pick up. Began hanging with a buddy of mine who is an expert and avid flyfisherman in Idaho Falls, ID in 1996 and have been hooked since. My wife and I moved back to Reno in 1998, and fly fished my brains out there. Then in 1999 my wife's company offered a deal to move to Tucson so off we came. I taught and coached at Mountain View High School for 4 years, and now am an Assistant Principal at Alta Vista High School in Tucson. I spend a lot time waterskiing and wakeboarding at a place we have in Mexico, which cuts into some fly fishing time some but the whole family loves it. In 2003 started fishing and quail hunting with my good friend SJDrifli, but now that he in in NM it has affected my quail hunting as much as the drought has

Dave Garland
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Old 08-15-2006, 05:51 PM
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Location: Tucson
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New here

I was born and raised here. I am married with four kids. I tried fly fishing when I was a teenager and failed miserably. I have decided to try it again. I thought it would be relaxing for me and also something I could share with the kids (and my wife). I am heading to Pinetop in less than 2 weeks and I want to start then. I would appreciate any advice as I know close to nothing. I have been reading up on it for a couple of weeks and I found this site just a couple of days ago.
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Old 09-25-2006, 06:21 AM
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Plateau Angler Plateau Angler is offline
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Location: Crossville, TN
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I am from Tennessee. I'm a Math Education major currently in college. I took a year off from school a couple of years ago and spent it in Arizona. It was awesome out there and I hope to live there again someday. I enjoyed the stillwaters in Arizona as well as some of the fine small streams. Here in Tennessee, I mostly fish streams in the Great Smoky Mountains and a few tailwaters. I spent last summer working near Gunnison, CO and enjoyed fishing that area extensively. I never seem to get enough fishing...
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Old 09-25-2006, 09:45 PM
bamboolives bamboolives is offline
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Location: Tucson, AZ
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Hello all-kudos to Seldom and whoever else put the effort and time into getting this site up, 'cause it's great. I've been reading and posting for the last month, so I thought I'd introduce myself...

I'm Steve Bohn, a semi-native in Tucson for over 30 years since graduating from the U of A in '77, a proud Wildcat and love the Southwest. Self employed architect working at home, which allows me to bust out for some midweek fishing from time to time. Other interests/obsessions include music (2500 lp's/cd's/45's), vintage '65 Mustang, motorsports other than NASCAR, bicycle race director for 20+ years and outdoor activities. Happily married for nearly 13 years with two wonderful daughters, ages 6 and 7 (going on 13....). Both like to go fishing and are ready to move up to flies on the casting bubble, making me proud...

Born in Visalia, Ca.; fished with my dad, who was a excellent fly fisherman & tier. Fly fished with him on the Kern and Kings River as a kid, where he always had success and was very patient me as I lost flies and snagged every local shrub/tree! Used to spend many days on the local piers along the central Cal. coast during family vacations, filling the freezer with red snappers.

Began fishing again during car camping trips with friends after spending time in the White Mountains, mostly with lures and flies/casting bubbles. Last summer, I discovered my Dad's (vintage 50's-70's) 8 cane and glass rods in my shed, thankfully stored in metal cases. Got hooked for sure on a camping trip with exp'd fly fishers a year ago and the rest is history. I love my delicate 8', 5 wt cane rod and feel a real connection with my dad when I use it, 'cause I know how much he loved that rod, since 1/3 of the cork was missing.

I also love skiing, esp. at Sunrise where you can ski during the day and stop and wave your stick at some fish on the way home....
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Old 10-12-2006, 02:00 PM
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Location: Phoenix, AZ
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Thank god for Del, Im one of the seniors who still gets around..My Name is Damon Lupu and I grew up fishing Long Island Sound, the Great South Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Mostly from one of the leaky boats my Dad had. Somewhere along the way I tried "sweetwater" fishing, first with a spinning rod then the long stick. Fished limestone streams of PA, Steelhead in Pulaski of course the Willowemoc and Beaverkill plus a whole bunch more. I moved to Northern VA. around 1979 and fished lakes, streams, branches of the Shenandoah, etc. Back to NY join Long Island Flyrodders and 40 troutbums descended on West Yellowstone, Montana. A few more trips back to Montana and a move out to Arizona where I've been since 1994. I try and get out at least twice a month with a good friend who is as into flyfishing like I am and we head to the Rim or the Whitemountains. In winter if its not fishing than it's skiing..hence the screen name.

Oh yeah, I'm 58 years old and live with my Lovely wife of 11 years and our 2dogs.
Sorry I didn't discover the west earlier....Tight lines all
The best time to go fishing is when it's raining and when it's not
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Old 12-15-2006, 02:23 PM
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rpeitzmeier rpeitzmeier is offline
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Richard Peitzmeier (aka-****), born in Nebraska, 1955 and then started living in 1976 when I relocated to Arizona! I graduated from ASU. I started hunting in Arizona about 15 years ago and then about 5 years ago I discovered fly-fishing through my brother. I know a lot of you from the AZOD forum and have met some of you over the years.

I primarily fish from a float tube on lakes although I like the riffs on a river when I find one. I tie a pretty mean fly and cast like a little girl but I keep trying. With practice, lessons, patient guides and time I may equal you long haulers.

Glad to see the new forum, and I look forward to sharing (and lying) about my fishing.
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Old 12-18-2006, 07:09 PM
Under the Rim Under the Rim is offline
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Hello all been reading here for awhile so I decided to join.Was born here in Az. and still reside here.Been casting the fat line since I was 15, started tying flies when I was around 17.I mainly fish the creeks and streams under the rim (hence the name) but still find time to make it to the juan from time to time.Have met a lot of you either on the water or at AZf and sportsmans.Hope I can contribute some good info and receive some also.
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Old 01-06-2007, 11:54 AM
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aapostolik aapostolik is offline
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Location: West Valley, AZ
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Most call me Andrew, some call me Dbl A others who know my meticulous nature call me Triple A... Born and raised in NJ where I taught myself to fly fish with an Eagle Claw 5/6 weight in the pond behind my house catching crappie and sunfish. Moved to AZ in '80 and re-discovered fly fishing about 5 years ago. Since then, I try to fish where ever I go and as often as possible. Fished in AK, CO, NM, AZ, HI and Mexico in the past few years. Just started tying my own flies with the help of AFC, what a fun hobby! Good excuse to replace one of my “bad” habits! Still discovering the may places to explore fly fishing in AZ. I found this site when I ran into someone fishing Canyon Creek a few months ago. Heading to Lees Ferry next weekend – Any advise is much appreciated.
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