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Old 11-21-2018, 02:09 PM
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Denver area suggestions for Thanksgiving 2018

Any suggestions y’all? Outside of a couple hours, last month, on the very urban Platte I’ve never fished there. This would be a day trip and I’d prefer for the drive to be 1.5 hours or less. Will be staying in Centennial. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Old 11-22-2018, 12:09 PM
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Are you looking for moving water? If you are looking for good pocket water, this is my suggestion close to you.

Do you have access to a bicycle? If you do, I have a suggestion that is about 30 minutes to the parking area from your location.

Waterton Canyon is the last tail water fishery to fly fish for trout on the South Platte River and is considered terminal trout water, meaning Parks and Wildlife doesn't stock below Waterton This is my guess.

Hop on C-47 West.

Drive west about four or five miles to the Wadsworth Blvd exit to the right. At the end of the off ramp, turn left and go under C-470 and continue on what is now, I believe, CO Highway 188. You can't miss this.

Drive about four miles past Chatfield Reservoir until you come to the only left turn between the off ramp and the entrance to Lockheed Martin. Turn left.

Don't drive into Lockheed. If you miss the turn, go back and turn right.

Turn left then drive about one block into the Waterton Canyon parking lot. Take a lunch, water, warm clothing and your fishing equipment. Follow the walking/bike path out of the parking lot and across the paved road. You will ride through the original canyon parking lot. The only access for non Water Board people is by walking, running, horse or bicycle. You probably won't see vehicles in the canyon but you will see a lot of people, most of whom will not be fishing.

The canyon is 6.1 miles to Strontia Springs dam. The road is a very good wide dirt road and is so flat, you cannot coast out of the canyon from the top so it's an easy ride. The only steep part is a short way at the half way point near a Water Board caretaker's house.

I've never heard of anyone stealing bicycles but if you have a security cable, I would use it because you will be away from the bike, at times. Depending on your ability to ride well, you should make the top of the canyon in about 30 to 45 minutes.

The first three miles of the canyon are standard regulations - flies, lures, bait and such with four fish being the max you can keep. The upper three miles are flies and lures only with two fish over 16 inches for keepers. The regs may have changed. The upper three miles has better quality fish and fishing. You will find brown and rainbow trout.

There are mile markers. My favorite place in the lower three miles is at the half way point. There are two places in the canyon where water is diverted to water treatment plants. One is called Marston. It is at the half way point. A small dam is used to back up water. The pocket water below Marston dam down about 1/4 mile to an old washed out concrete dam is the best fishing in the lower section.

I've been to Waterton so many times, I could ride my bicycle backward while wearing a blind fold. In fact, I have a bicycle dedicated solely to Waterton Canyon. I brought it to Arizona and now have no use for it. I lived closer to the canyon than where you are.

Ride all the way to the 6 mile mark just below the dam. You can't see the dam from the road unless you ride to the second Water Board house then you will see it to your right.

When I went to the top, I would start just downstream from the Water Board house. There is an old one man zip line device spanning the river. This is where I would start.

I'm not sure if your message says you did fish Deckers (S. Platte River) but if you haven't, this is another reasonably close place to Centennial, about 1.5 hours. With this being Thanksgiving weekend, you may have to take your own rock to stand on. If you want directions to Deckers, I will provide.

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