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Old 09-09-2012, 01:23 PM
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Just a couple of thoughts on backpacking and water. I used to carry a Katydyn pump backpacking. I stored it in the garage and I think the heat got to it and gunked up the previous trips filtered materials. After two days we could not use the pump and I had no backup. I used hiking socks to strain the water because I was afraid of running out of fuel if I boiled all my water. The water was a bit salty (just kidding) but we didn't get sick and probably just lucked out. It is one thing to take risks with yourself but quite another thing to risk getting your family sick. I had a student that got gardia and was a healty strong young buck that lost 85 lbs and almost died...... it's nothing to mess with.

I now take a small bottle of iodine tabs as a backup on trips and it takes up little room. I used to dehydrate all my meals but now I have a little more $ I love this cite and I love my goal zero for power and charging devices. A good book for dehydrating is The lightweigh gourmet by Alan Kesselheim and the NOLS Cookery handbooks.

When I go by myself my wife is relieved to know that I have a spot and can call 911 or send "I'm ok messages" to an email or phone account but I am looking for another alternative since they raised the annual membership from 49.00 to 100+. I'd like one that is free and can be charged with my solar pannel.

The packitgourmet food is good and provides alot of food and does not contain bulky packaging like Mountain House and so many others. WHen the package says 2 servings it really feeds two hungry packers.

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Old 09-10-2012, 07:57 AM
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Agree with Jason on the above. Bad batteries and breakage are always a risk, so I also carry tablets in addition to my Steripen. While not very tasty, drinking nasty iodized swill is better than having nothing to drink at all.
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