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Old 03-22-2006, 01:29 PM
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I thought that was fly patch....

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Old 03-22-2006, 02:42 PM
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They come in nutria (cheap copy) or sable (really expensive). You can get one from Bob Saccamono!
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Old 03-22-2006, 08:01 PM
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It was 20 years ago now but I spent a weekend on the Jicarilla res hunting ducks and watching elk. Very wild country, very beautiful woods. It was late in the fall and very wet with stock tanks everywhere. We jumped ducks for two days sun up to sun down.
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Old 03-22-2006, 11:17 PM
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Part III (the big decision)

Well, I start talking to myself at this time and still hoping someone will pull and camp, but to no luck. I look at my camp from the previous night with wood I stack up and coolers on the picnic table. I'm thinking of what that Apache dude said about not camping on that hill but damm I have to pack all my coolers and wood back up. I say "**** with it" and stay for another night in the same spot as the night before, but tonight will will be better prepared found my flashlight, load S&W, even find a rigging ax for back up defence. I start to move some of the snow away form my fire pit, the sun today pretty much melted the snow right back into the thristy ground and I cook right way and as I'm building the fire the evening starts, light turn to dark and the weirdest thoughts come to mind. I start thinking of all this scary movies I have seen and try to shake them out of my head but once you start freaking yourself out theres no turning back. I say I will stay up real late so the night will be short and pour me some coffee and sit back to the fire which looks like a whole cord burning, the edges of the bushes are lit up from the fires glow and this lawn chair feeling real good with me by the fires edge, I look into the sky filled with stars and now and then a falling star and try to make a wish, my wish is to make it though this night without going crazy.
I find myself wondering and looking at the road more and more, then I see a light coming and turning off the main highway to the lake and coming up the road leading to my camp and guess who it is, Jicarilla Tribal Police. I get up and start toward their vehicle and over the mic, they say to me "stay where you are and don't move, hold your hands up over your head", I'm thinking what the ****'s going on and suddenly I think to myself, my S&W is hanging at my hips, do I reach for it, do I try to show I'm armed, do I smile with gun and now the explaining, I felt like *&$@ (poop) and now they say "with your left hand reach for your gun and lay it down slowly", at least they see the gun, I don't even get a chance to get a word in as they have not even open their doors. I wait for them to shoot me but as they get out, they say to me "we are just checking up on you" and "did you catch more fish", as I look up, its the two guys in the boat this morning and they are Tribal police, they say to me, at this time I'm pretty pissed but maintain. I told them that was a cheap shot and didn't think it was cool of them and they just started to laugh in a sick way, I just grin back and pick up my S&W and they say is it loaded, yah with blanks and I start laughing back, they didn't laugh.
They said to me, while we were going home after we had lunch with you and decide to come back and freak you out, I said you did a good sick job. Once again they said I'm crazy for staying on this hill and say I should at least move but I told them I have stayed in worst places and still I'm here. They say "but the nights not over". I don't think I could be anymore freaked out the what you guys have just done with the police procedures. They say to me, we have to go back to Dulce for patrol duties and I say why don't you patrol this neck of the woods, and one say's "and end up like you, on the ground and freaking out". Thanks I say and off they left, after this incident I forget all about the freaky night stuff and say to myself "time to go to bed"..
I get set up in the 4runner for bed and turn on the radio on real low. I feel real sleepy and off I nod. I start to think about the time and look at the clock and it's only 8:20pm and I say 9:20, 10:20, 11:20 it's 10 hours till sunrise, what a long night this will be. I take 4 Tylenol (500mg) and say to myself I would have rather seen ghost than those Apache Tribal Police, still feeling like a felon and all I wanted to do is have a good camping/fishing trip. I fell asleep and it didn't matter if it was 10 hours till sunrise, 500mg(4x) put my mind to rest, I don't even get up to peeee or if I had to I don't think I could have move anyway.
The morning came and I say to myself "yeah, I'm here and no ghost or bad dreams. I can only say what a night with the Tribal Police and their goofy humor...I fish for another day and do very well but at noon I tell myself to pack up and leave, don't need to chance it with ghost or police......sorry no ghost to speak of or strange beings coming forth but I would have gladly have traded ghost for cops.....THE DULCE FISHING TRIP.......

Take care,,,


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Old 03-23-2006, 02:49 AM
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I'd hate like **** to miss Session III. Chief, I'm spellbound.
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Old 03-23-2006, 09:17 AM
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Great story Chief! Love to go camping with you some time. I probably would have had my S&W on my hip as well but probably no help against angry ghosts! I look forward to many more of your fish stories!
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Old 03-23-2006, 12:02 PM
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Ahhh man, I was expecting to hear some grizzly-looking "skin walkers" had eaten your food and stole your fly rod! LOL Chief, great story.

BTW, those Apache Tribal Police have no sense of humor. All of my dealings with them have not been good. They've all (3) been classic jerks with a chip on their shoulder. I'm sure there's some decent ones, but I've yet to meet one...
Tippet? Which direction??
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Old 03-23-2006, 12:47 PM
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Great reading! When I was growing up in New Mexico I always wanted to go up there but never made it. I was down south next to the Mescalero tribe and they did not speak highly of the Jicarilla's ...not sure why or it if was just a tribal thing OR maybe they had heard the stories also!

Chief ....have you ever been back there? I had always heard stories of those huge Stone Lake fish and actually had a tripped planned a couple years ago, but apparantley they had a big fish kill and I changed my plans and went on up to Colorado. Not sure if the fish kill story was true but I didn't want to chance it.
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Old 03-23-2006, 03:22 PM
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looking foward to the next story
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Old 03-23-2006, 04:12 PM
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Great stuff. Thanks for posting it!
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