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Old 01-18-2018, 01:20 PM
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Fly Rod for LM Bass

I have 7 and 9 weight 9' rods I use for LM Bass that have been serving me well but I was reading about the shorter rods, such as the Sage Bass II that seem like they'd do well. Since you can never have too many rods I'm considering getting the 340 grain Bass II. I kinda like a shorter rod when fishing from the boat since I usually don't need to cast too far and it's easier to keep at the ready with less chance of being stepped on since it's physically shorter. Does anyone have any experience with a shorter rod? If so how do you like it?

The one thing I thought a little odd is the Bass II rods come in grain ratings equivalent to 9 weight to 12 if I remember correctly. That seems on the heavy side for Bass unless you were going for Peacock Bass or something like that. The write up on Sage's website for the lightest weight rod says it's good for pond fishing with poppers, but I wouldn't want to take my 9 weight to a pond - seems like a lot of overkill. The 7 and 9 I use now can cast the most wind resistant flies I tie (#2/0 Dahlberg Divers) easily so I wouldn't guess a stiffer rod would be necessary. Anyway I'd appreciate hearing any opinions.
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Old 01-19-2018, 09:54 AM
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I sold Sage fly rods some years back, when the first series of bass rods appeared on the market.

I believe at least part of the thinking for the shorter - 7'11" - rods was for flyfishers to be eligible for bass tournaments, but they rods have proven themselves over time since then.

I would recommend the "smallmouth" version for most of our uses here in the state, as that corresponds with the 7-8 wt. rods we normally fish.

I had one memorable day, Easter weekend as I recall a few years back, with a friend who I loaned my 8 wt to, fished a 6/7 8' fiberglass rod a friend built from a blank. A gorgeous rod cosmetically, but I would not recommend fiberglass day in day out for our fishing - but that day, slinging small flies up under the trees for willing largemouth up to 4 lbs, it was just the ticket, out of floattubes on Arivaca Lake.

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Old 01-19-2018, 02:17 PM
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Sage bass rods

Rod's right, the SM will handle most of the situations for bass here in AZ. I would recommend the LM for tossing big dries though. Makes things easier and doesn't take away from the fight much. I have all of them and have used them exclusively for my bass fishing since they came out. The original (type 1) SM handled peacocks up to 15 pounds no problem. The real beauty of these rods is they feel much lighter in hand than a 10 wt rod you would need to handle the lines they throw. You definitely lose some distance with them but like you said you aren't throwing that far anyway. They fight fish well and they're reasonably priced for what you get too, considering the line thrown in.
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Old 01-19-2018, 06:14 PM
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I have been looking at these rods myself ,now that I will been fishing a lot more bass on the fly. Thanks for the replies they helped a lot.
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Old 01-21-2018, 11:39 AM
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Just to add to the good info in here already.

another benefit of the short rod is that they will accommodate the much shorter heads of the bass specific lines ( or lines made for casting bigger/heavier flies) as well. Short heads on a long rod can feel a lot like chucking a lure at times. Sage bass rods are nice, plenty of backbone to pull those big saguaro fish out of the tulies, and they cast great. as always if you don't like how Fast the rod is, overline it, most Streamer lines are one to 1.5 Times heavier than the weight they say anyways, and if you're fishing sinking lines, it sounds like you already know the grain weights you throw, match accordingly.
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