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Old 06-18-2017, 07:59 PM
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New Member Intro... and Maybe a Question or Two

Hi Everyone,

Been lurking the forum for a while and figured I'd say hello. I'm new to fly fishing (and fishing in general) within the last couple of months and previously spent most of my free time since a youngster in the Tucson pool halls and playing pool, so it's been nice to get outside and do some fishing! It's been a lot of fun so far... even managed to get a couple trout on an AZ stream. Also watched a lot of fish refuse my fly, follow it and turn around, and sometimes seem to splash at it. So far, it's been interesting just to watch the fish; I've spooked trout from 12 feet away and then hooked one five feet in front of me in low, clear water. Last time I went to one of my favorite new spots, two little ones were chasing each other in a circle right next to my feet like I wasn't even there!

Anyhow, I've been reading a couple books but still have a question or two. Do fish ever splash at a fly even if they don't want to take it? Or do I just need A LOT of practice setting a hook? Also, I've seen plenty of fish look at my fly and ignore it. Is there a way to entice them into biting? twitching the fly or something? If so, is it necessary to get really specific and learn how certain insects act on/in the water to better imitate them?

My dad and I are heading up to the White Mountains for a quick trip this coming weekend and we'll probably fish some of the more well known and accessible spots such as Silver Creek on Friday, and then we're going to come back through Greer I think and will maybe check out a spot or two over there. If we happen to get lucky and catch a couple, I'll share the results!

Looking forward to learning from the forum!

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