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Old 11-04-2017, 09:35 PM
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Luckily I have never buried a hook into a body part in all my years of fishing. Wow, that's the kiss of death, eh?

I do fish with barbless hooks when I'm working a tight stream with cover because, well, lines snag and you can backlash a fly by your head pretty easily.

On the subject of barbless hooks, there is compelling evidence that barbless hooks may not be as safe to the fish as once thought. Yes, they make for an easier release but the ease at which they penetrate a fish's mouth also can be lethal to a fish depending on how they are hooked.

I have not seen any meaningful data on what increases the mortality rate of fish more...a barb-hooked fish being handled longer for release or barbless hooks mortality wounding a fish. For safety reasons for us, yes, a barbless hook is the way to go though.

Back to the technique discussed though, I have had a few friends acknowledge from first-hand experience that this technique does in fact work quite well.
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