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Old 07-14-2012, 12:38 PM
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Spring 2012 Dry Fly Swap Pictures.

Pinetop Bob - Humpy

SuperFly - Griffith's Gnat

The Good Rev - Madam-X

The Good Rev - Steamboat Willie (The Rev sent these in to do what I wanted with them. I guess he was unhappy with the way they turned out. I think they are kinda cool so you guys get them as a bonus fly.)

Todd the Frog - Mini Gurgler

TyingtoFly - Luck Leprechaun

MudBug - Grey Duster Variant

Hook - Daiichi 1180 #20
Tail - Grizzly Fibers
Abdomen - Natural Muskrat
Rib - Black thread 8/0
Wing - Golden Badger Hackle. The black base of the hackle gives the impression of a thorax.
Thread - 8/0 Uni-Thread, Black

Lando - Foam Stimulator

CPTxKirk - Mini Hopper

JasonJones - Stimulator

FreddieFlyFish - Cicada

fishfanatic - Foam Hopper

Alex Landeen - Damsel Fly
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