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Old 09-26-2017, 07:02 PM
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Stripping Basket

Anyone on here use a fly line stripping basket. I never have before but they seem like a good idea. I just worry about adding another piece of stuff on me while fishing. When I'm on foot I already have a large waist pack and oftentimes an inflatable buoyancy compensator if wading on a big river. And then I have a vest with the net attached to the back and of course a necklace with clippers, tippets, etc. So I don't know if it'll get in the way or not. On the other hand I hate it when you have a lot of line floating down the river and it gets caught on stuff. It might do better when I'm on my boat since the only other piece of gear I have on is the inflatable BC. There isn't a lot of stuff for the line to get tangled on on the front of my Tracker boat but low and behold I'll find something while I'm up there. Also I was on Lake Mary last Saturday and it was really gusty which made getting tangled easy. I saw those line stripping tubes for your boat but they're pretty pricey - over-priced in my opinion. If they'd work well I might consider one but it seems like a 5 gallon bucket from Homeless Depot might work just as well. Nonetheless one of the belt mounted baskets seem like they'd be a better value since they're about half the price of the boat types and you could use them while on foot or on a boat. What do you guys and gals think? I'd appreciate any opinions.
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