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Originally Posted by joe View Post
Good to know.

I hear people asking how to learn how to fly fish.
Yeah, last summer around the Anthem ponds I saw several people trying to figure out how, with obviously brand-new Walmart quality gear. First time I ever saw another fly fisherman around those ponds since i moved here.

Ended up teaching several of them the fundamentals of casting, fly selection, etc. Even scouted for two of them for awhile.

All of them said that they'd always thought about trying to learn, but never had the time, until the virus shut down most of their other normal activities.

We're hoping that there's plenty of budding fly fishermen and women and kids in PHX that just need a flyshop to not only get them geared up, but also teach them how to catch fish on a fly rod, and even send them out on a fly fishing trip.
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