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Originally Posted by david vaughn View Post
I believe this Forum has seen its last rays of sunshine, as few if any posts are shared anymore. Life Support is idly standing by as Hospice has taken up residence on the Forum.

Many have opted to join the AZ Fly Fishing Facebook page, where much of what used to be shared on here has taken root on that site.

I left the FB page as too much information was being shared with iddy biddy streams and living in Rim Country, I am seeing firsthand the huge numbers of those showing up and the devastation taking place. On any given weekend, hundreds are packing these tight little fisheries gorging themselves on what little resources are still out there in wild trout creeks.

The places not even shared with close friends and family around secluded campfires are being offered up without a second thought, bringing in even more seeking relief from wherever they area.

My humble opinion...
I feel like I've seen a 300% or more increase in traffic on most creeks. Went to WS creek and saw so many people it felt like upper Tonto, we left since the people would walk past you a 100 yards then post up and high hole you the whole way. I don't think those fish will be around next year.
Night crawler containers at multiple c&r places too.

That Facebook page needs to disappear if it's contributing to this.
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