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I will be happy to share reports when I get back onto Arizona waters! I was spoiled with fishing in Idaho this summer, and I think I got my fix there. With the hordes of people on our state streams I have just been staying home. I've also read that with the lack of rain, the streams are super low as well.

I suspect as kids go back to school (real or virtual) and the hunting seasons kick off, the amount of people on streams and lakes will subside. I usually fish Arizona waters in late fall/winter/early spring anyway so I'll be happy to post reports then. Have been sharing information through this forum using the direct messages, but those weren't really fishing reports per se. Just reports of Rim streams that once held trout but were devastated by fire in the last few years.

And David is right about that Facebook group, people there are WAY too quick to burn spots. Social media ruins everything!
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