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This report is somewhat entertaining in that they feel the Operators of Glen Canyon Dam should ramp up and down flows solely for trout. While as an angler I love this idea, as a realist the idea is just silly.

I love Lees Ferry, but maybe the best thing we can do is quit messing with it. The dam already crushed any chance of successful reintroduction of Humpback Chub. The Government doing their level best to remove trout below the Paria will do nothing to bring back the chub and as such is a complete waste of time and money. The simple fact of the matter is the water is too cold. Only way to change that is to remove the dam, which obviously will never happen.

This is something like Canyon Creek, I love that TU has brought it back post fire, but continually messing with it is insanity. Nature has a way of working things out without our unlearned help. The more people meddle with it the worse we make it. For comparison sake there are a couple creeks on the rim that were simply restocked and then left alone. They are now high quality healthy fisheries (No, I will not tell you which ones they are, you have to work for that!)

Much the same with Lee's Ferry, stop messing with it and it will figure itself out and be the better for it, better than any of our meddling will make it for sure. Let nature do what it does best.... find a way to thrive.
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