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Caddis float tube seat material...

Looking for suggestions from those wiser and experienced than I...

I have an 8 year old Caddis fishing tube which is a replacement for a identical model I wore out after many years of Rim country fishing service. The model I have now has me somewhat flumaxed, as my butt tends to slide forward while kicking the watercraft.

My previous unit kept me straight and upright on the seat and rarely did I have to shift my body.

I'm thinking about putting some type of rubberized mat, such as the material used for kitchen cabinets, which would hopefully keep me from sliding around the saddle.

If you've had similar issues with your float tube, what was your solution.

I've tried the big pontoon boats, but never did like it. I've thought about a kayak, but I like the versatility of the smaller float tube along with its wonderful portability (think of that little walk into/out of Chevy).


- David
- David

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