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Thinking about Heading to the Black

So I have not been on the forum in many years... mainly because I have not fished in AZ for years. Been fortunate enough to travel for work and able to fish some amazing places while "working".

Anyhow. I'm obviously not travelling now and want to get some stream time in here in my home state. My son is home from college. I was thinking of heading up to the Black. I have an email into the San Carlos F&G to make sure it's still open.

Assuming they are open, has anyone been up there in recent weeks? Are the roads passable for a full size 4X4 pickup. Flows appear to be on a pretty consistent decline. They still may be a little too high, but I'm up for giving it a try if the roads are passable.

Feel free to PM me if you prefer. If I make it up there, I'll ya'll know about road conditions.
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