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I've posted this before but maybe it's worth repeating-I believe all of us have both the right and even the responsibility to defend out beautiful wild places when we see such irresponsible and disrespectful behavior as you described. Having said that I'm not sure my response would have been much different from yours. It's obviously very touchy to try to address another fisher (if we really want to give these two jerks that much credit) in a way that will end with a positive outcome. Maybe, after you cleaned up their mess, you could have just walked up to them and handed it back, commenting that they must have inadvertently left it back on the bank. But I'm not so sure even that not-so-suttle approach would have reached these two clowns. Maybe the lesson for all of us that love our wild places have to at least consider is what we might do in a similar situation because if we haven't already been there we all inevitably will at some point.
I've also stated that we need more enforcement officers to walk our streams, even if others professions within the Game and Fish departments have to be reduced. We need more enforcement of existing laws even if it means less studies by all the really smart people-it's just that simple. Wouldn't it have been great to simply point this act of total disrespect for what most of us hold so dear to a ranger on the stream. I'm sure the learning curve for these two jerks would have been noticeably accelerated.
Thanks for the post
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