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I was at Big Lake last weekend. Stopped by after a family Reunion just to drag some flies behind a casting bubble from shore for a couple hours. Once the sun went down, leaving just enough light so kind of see a midge hatch sent the fish in to a feeding frenzy. They were rolling on emergers all around the area I was fishing. Mostly small fish (4" - 6") but I saw some very large fish in on the feast too.

I ran back to my truck and grabbed my 1WT and caught 7 or 8 of the little ones and missed a bunch more because it was too dark to even see my fly. None of the big fish got fooled.

I was surprised at how big the midges were. In the dark I couldn't make out what they were but I took a picture of my pants legs, which were covered in them and later looked at the pics and the were giant midges.
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