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Getting started

I would recommend Skip Morris' "Flytying Made Clear & Simple" book - preferably in the spiralbound version, so it can be held open to the page you want - as a first step.

Randall Kaufmann's "Nymphs" is excellent and, at some point "Fly Patterns of the Umpqua Feather Merchants" as a "recipe" manual for over 1100 flies with photos and ingredients.

Since there are so few flyfishing pro-shops remaining in the Phoenix area - only one in Scottsdale right now - it is virtually impossible to get get good information at a retail establishment when it comes to flytying.

The best thing is to have a friend sit down with you, or come kind of class, but most folks are self-taught - trial & error, after a bit of reading, is essential. Start simple, woolly buggers, peacock nymphs, elk hair caddis dries in fairly large sizes to give yourself a fair shot.

You have the advantage of fishing for a while, so you already know what a good fly looks like, so getting the proportions is the main challenge.
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