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Hey Dub,
I know that this has been beaten almost to death, but, what about the Salt?

When I was in North Carolina they had a regulation on many streams they called "Delayed Harvest". During the winter months - October 1 to April 30 - they would load them up with catchables and sub-catchables. These streams were catch and release single artificial lure and fly only during those months. May 1 they became catch and keep 5 fish limit by any means because the fish wouldn't last the summer anyway. These regs allowed the best of both worlds, the sport fishermen could find fish to play and the meat fishermen got to fill their freezers, also F&G got more license revenue and didn't waste fish.

I think the Salt would be a perfect candidate for such regs, close to population, beautiful scenery, cold water, and extremely abundant insect life.

The flows right now, while not great, would still support a lot of trout.

Just a thought. For what it's worth.

Thanks for what you do for all of us.
"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not the fish they are after". - Henry David Thoreau
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