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Sunrise Variant - Jim S

Here is the recipe and tying instructions for the Sunrise Variant. If you can tie a wooly bugger you can tie this fly.



Hook: Mustad 9671 or 2X long nymph hook size 12
Thread: red
Head: Black/Nickel Bead 1/8
Body: Red dyed peacock herl
Tail: Red dyed golden pheasant tips
Rib: 6X tippet
Hackle: Brown saddle or hen
Collar: Red thread


1. Smash down barb and place bead on hook
2. Place hook in vise and start a thread base and end at bend of hook
3. Tie in red pheasant tips in as tail (at bend)
4. Tie in three strands of red peacock herl (at bend)
5. Tie in a piece of 6X tippet for rib. (at bend)
6. Wrap peacock herl forward to the bead and tie off
7. Tie in piece of hackle at bead and palmer back to the bend.
8. Use the tippet to tie off hackle and then wrap forward to rib the fly. The rib is for strength and not show.
9. Tie off hackle and cut off tag end.
10. Create a red collar with thread and whip finish.

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