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I used this thread as my main source of info for my 1st trip to CC this past Friday. Thanks to all that contributed! I was up for the hike, so I found the parking area PLL mentions and the (very faint) trail that leads down to the creek. Hiked down river for about an hour before stringing up my rod and began to fish my way back upstream. As to be expected, the water was very skinny and the word stealthy is an understatement when trying to approach a promising looking stretch of water. I feel very fortunate to have landed a few fish in the 3-4 hours of actual fishing, because I was pretty sure that I had spooked every fish there as I approached. But after a few tough lessons and watching the trout (some big fish for how small the water was) bolt for cover, I was able to sneak up on a couple good pools with small falls and managed to avoid the skunk. Fished till noon, then the winds made it too much of a struggle to even attempt any casting. I will say, I saw no snakes and no bears (thank god). The hike out was a SOB and I would recommend bringing some extra water for anyone doing the hiking.
*Tried posting a pic, but couldn't figure out how to shrink image for acceptable upload.
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