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Originally Posted by dp820 View Post
That is very gracious of you to offer to let me borrow your rod. That T&T rod looks really nice and I'm not sure how comfortable I would feel borrowing someone else's $850 rod. I got a pretty sizable bonus from work this year and I have been wanting to buy a 6wt for some time now so I think I am going to purchase one and I may have found the one I want!

Before I go into it, I have to preface it by saying I am not a rod builder, nor do I really want to get into building rods and customizing them so I pretty much stick with the rods I can touch and feel at the local fly shops. I just had chance to cast one of the new Sage X 9ft 6wt rods. That thing is AWESOME. I love my Z-Axis, and hated the Sage One with it's really stiff tip section. The X feels more like my Z-Axis but with better accuracy at all distances. And I like the half wells grip they put on it. Not a fan of the anodized black reel seat hardware, but I can get over that.
Thank you guys for the advice and opinions on this.
Figure out what rod blank you like by casting them and then have Chadders (Chad VanNess) or Ron of South West custom rods build one for you. Then you will get to choose all the specific hardware that you want and make it absolutely beautiful for the same cost or less. Iíve built several of my own rods and one for a friend also and itís quite enjoyable fishing a rod that is customized with your own preferences.
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