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Having the longterm perspective of fishing 4x tippet with a breaking strength of 2&1/2 lbs in the early days - before graphite rods, let alone fluorocarbon leaders/tippets - I appreciate all the numbers and studies, but have only anecdotal opinions to share.

I ran an urban flyshop for about 15 years, during which fluorocarbon appeared on the market, and evolved through the development of the technology, but now feel that fluorocarbon is about like using a one size larger tippet diameter than monofilament - i.e. 4x has about the same stealth factor and strength as 5x mono, while being as strong as 4x mono.

I have a bucketload of old tippet, so may not be the typical angler when it comes to old spools of tippet, so fluoro holds a distinct advantage in expiration date - like 10,000 years or so longer. The downside is you must be careful with it out on the water, as it will not deteriorate the same way in the heat/sun.

I don't observe any difference in knot strength between tippet/leader, just the same challenge to tie good knots as mono/mono. I believe most of us gave up on fluoro leaders some time ago as a waste of money, but could be wrong.

A summer trip to Montana inspired me to return to blood, rather than surgeon's, knots for that connection, on the advice of experienced, accomplished fly fishers - but that's another story. I fish almost exclusively on stillwaters, once a week in the last season, so the fish have all day to examine the fly and I spent a lot of time on the water.
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