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jchar-As just stated, you can stop anywhere along the creek and fish. If you want to fish where I described above, it might be better just to come down the hill as you come to the creek and stop at the port-a-john and start downstream from there. However, unless you have a really sneaky downstream fishing technique, I recommend you hike downstream as far as you're OK with before you string your rod. Then fish back up. Stay low and slow. Remember, every fish in the stream has been educated all summer long by some pretty good fishers. They all have bachelors or even masters degrees and all the numerous bigger dads have long since earned their doctorate. So none will come easy. Be a ninja. Any high profile or sudden movement will send every fish scurrying for cover (actually, they will already be undercover-that's why you don't see them).But also remember-they are a lot fish in CC, including some real bruisers so be persistent. Don't give up and you will be rewarded. Good luck and tight lines.
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