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At the risk of repeating some authors and titles from the first thread...I would like to share some of my favorites from selling flyfishing literature/instructional manuals for 15 years and a lifetime of reading such stuff:

2 favorite anthologies, the second of which I recently completed reading:
Fisherman's Bounty...Nick Lyons
Seasons of the Angler.....David Seybold

They have to be out of print, so used bookstores /Amazon may be the only way to go for the anthologies

Any fishing titles from these folks:

Roderick Haig-Brown
Leonard Wright
Harry Middleton
Tom McGuane....especially The Longest Silence
Russell Chatham
Jim Harrison
Steve Raymond
Seth Norman...Meanderings of a Flyfisherman
Robert Traver (John D. Voelker)
James Prosek...mostly illustrations, be also writes nicely
John McPhee...prolific writer, but his fishing stuff is great
Austin "Mac" Francis.....Catskill Mt. books

Of course, John Gierach, if you find any of his work you have not yet read; my favorite is still Flyfishing Small Streams...but I have two friends/mentors who are lesser known, but are still worth reading:
Frank Mele...Small in the Eye of the River (in Fisherman's Bounty anthology))
Rex Johnson, Jr............The Quiet Mountains,

Haunting used bookshops and flea markets - I go to local Friends of the Library sales - can provide some opportunities for finding flyfishing literature economically.

Good luck...and maybe you'll find enough literature to go past the summer
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