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I personally think that it does not has to do with being a fly fishermen or a bait slinger..... It has to do with ethics.... and having a conscious... My dad taught me fishing at the age of 3, but I was too young to learn to fly fish, I was brought up on a Zebco rod and reel... I did not become a fly Fishermen until I was in my 20's.... However, my dad taught me how to be a proper fishermen, and RESPECT our fish and streams.... DO NOT GNERALIZE... It shows ignorants....

MY brother-in-law still bait slings, but, I respect him as a Fishermen... he knows how to fish, and what to use on a given day... He catches fish and obeys the laws....

The things Chip speaks of are general, and yes sometimes they do occur... however, not every bait fisherman is that way or fishes in that manner.... I know, I was a bait fisherman many moons ago...

What bothers me the most is garbage left behind, and that we can all work on!!!! That is not a "fishing thing", that is a human issue...... Being Courteous, and clean is something we all need to consider when fishing...

Fish and have fun doing it!!!
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