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Have not tried the Rio version but many years ago (20+ years ago) I tried some fly clips. I think Eagle Claw made them. They were really crappy. Heavy and the fly wouldn't stay on for long.

The Rio clips do not look like the ones many years ago so maybe they will hold the fly better. I don't see much advantage to using them though.

I'm not a gimmick kind of guy. I knot my own leaders. Tie my leader to line with a nail knot, etc; however, I tried a Moser's Minicon line-to-leader loop connector about 12 years ago and man, those things are really awesome! They don't hinge, they don't snag in the tiptop and they sure make changing leaders a cinch. These are way better than any other braided loop connector but hard to find in the USA. I haven't nail-knotted a leader to a fly line since.
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