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Wow! Your technique of cutting off the treble hook reminds me of the high school pal who taught me to fly fish. Occasionally, we would go to lakes for fly fishing but when things were not good for flies, he would switch to a spinning rod/reel. He would cut off two of the hooks on the treble.

I want to clarify something about dropper rigs. I have used a dry fly with an emerger about ten inches below the dry in moving water where a hatch was on. I would fish chin deep water this way. The dry fly was an imitation of the hatched insect. I have caught a few fish on both of these flies (not at the same time) on a rig like this.

I certainly don't want to offend anyone in Arizona, Colorado or anywhere for using the dropper method.

And speaking of strike indicator/bobber fly fishing, about twenty years ago, Fly Fisherman magazine published an article written by John H. Sullivan. He began by saying, "It's time to face reality, to draw the line: strike indicator fishing is not fly fishing". I was so miffed, I wrote a letter to the editor, which was not published. What surprised me is the magazine called to say Mr. Sullivan has been a long time contributor. I told them I don't mind articles like this but don't put them in a section where anglers want to know where to go, what to do and when; put them in the opinion section. I let my subscription expire and never renewed. If anyone wants a copy of this article, I will be happy to send by way of a PM. I'm not good at reducing sizes of photos and such to attach to a thread.
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