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There is this band I like. I used to watch them at little gigs here and there and it was great being able to be close in an intimate setting and feel the music. For the most part everyone at the shows respected everyone else, didn't talk over the performance and there was always good vibes.

Then one day the band had a hit that was on the radio. Now everybody knew of the band and even though they didn't understand or care how special the music was, it didn't matter to them because they just wanted to hear it over and over until the song lost all of its meaning and the next big one came along.

All of a sudden the band was playing bigger and bigger shows. One day I went to see them at a stadium venue. There was trash covering the parking lots on the way to the show and all over the stadium. The place was crowded with people shouting and talking during the entire performance and could care less about the music or how they were destroying it. They just wanted a piece of it.

I think for the most part its good people on this website. Can't say either way about others, but I have seen how certain people act. Some of us just want to be able to enjoy our favorite band once in a while and it's much more enjoyable when there isn't trash all over the place or people who don't appreciate the music.

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