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Well said, Chadders...hope all is well man!

I do find it a bit odd that folks feel like this forum is sooo unfriendly. I got sucked into this obsession about 5 years ago (been on this forum for 3) and found this forum nothing but helpful. That's not to say there was not an individual or two that post something like the now deleted post on this thread. But I now get the reason for posts like it.

I think it is this. The longer that we are in this sport/hobby/obsession the more we have seen the stuff that breaks our hearts. The newbies (I still consider myself one 5 years in) are naive, for lack of a better word, to how fragile our streams/fish are. It's not that the people on this website are "unfriendly" (I've seen only the opposite) they just have their guard up.

Anyway, tightlines all. But let's all be sensitive of the fact that of us that care about the environment and the fish that are so near and dear there are 100 people that don't.
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