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Guys this post kind of hit home. I went to Christmas tree this past week and thanks to desert sportsman shop got some great guidance on Christmas tree. I asked if anyone had a report on Christmas tree. It was my first time going there. Been wanting to go for years and it was crickets with zero responses on the site. Now maybe someone didn't go but they certainly could lend a hand. We got to Christmas tree and it was a blast. You want to get mad at me fine I don't really care. About half the guys at xmas tree lake were great and a pleasure to meet. About half the guys were downright rude slash borderline socially incapable. I went with as good i guy I know my best friend of college for 20 years. He had a really interesting perspective. I will paraphrase / quote his thoughts: "I don't get it people like that are why it took me a while to get into flyfishing. They are elitist snobby pricks. I don't understand why you would not want to be friendly and helpful to someone that is is passionate and excited about flyfishing and then you want to be rude. It makes zero sense not wanting to help people." So I guess my takeaway is this: your all ambassadors for what flyfishing represents. Someone helped all of us. A parent a grandparent a neighbor a friend. It's a lot of help and someone caring. Don't let someone get the impression this is an elitist snobby sport. Be a good man/ woman try and help someone. That doesn't mean giving away honey holes. What it means is recognizing that the future of the sport and conservation is dependent on more people understanding and engaging and caring about flyfishing. Don't give someone the chance to feel like flyfishing isn't for them. If your not willing to help people and want to be rude or selfish quite honestly I feel sorry for you. Take a step up help people and help the sport. Even a small tip or two goes a long way to helping. You never know your small feedback could be the difference in hooking someone or not on this great sport. Be an ambassador of a great sport / hobby/ passion/ pastime.
Soapbox a bit humor me but this post rubbed me.

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