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I am...

Hello all,
I am an emergency medicine doc;hence the name... I am from Boston originally, born in '63 and fished for everything you can in New England (even eel gigging!). Came to AZ in 1993 to work at Maricopa Medical Center("County") and have been at Mayo in the ED for the last 6 years. Took up fly fishing about 4 years ago as a way to reduce stress and they seemed to be catching all the fish when I am camping up on the Rim. My wife, Dee, is from Mt. Shasta, CA and a big-time camper. My best gift to her(besides the diamond) was a Coleman camp kitchen. I have 2 boys, age 3 & 5 and I want them outside & away from an Xbox as they get older. I am new to fly fishing but not above spin casting. I am amazed at how every body of water has to be fished differently- so much to learn! I haven't even started to tie my own. My other hobby is autoracing medicine. I have been a track doc at Phoenix International Raceway since 94, worked the Indy 500 since 92, even did consulting for NASCAR and now I am the medical director at PIR. If any of you get to the races, come to the infield med center & say "Hi". Better yet, say "Hi" on the stream, river or lake. This is a great venue for info about fly-fishing & I really appreciate all the assistance I have already received! And "No" I don't mind a medical question as long as I can ask one about fishing!
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