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Keith P. Born in Mesa, Arizona. My Father was born in Mesa and my Grandfather was born in Wilcox, Arizona. So like Seldom I guess that makes me a third generation. Two kids one 9 and the other 7 months.

Took up fishing when I went to get my Fishing Merit Badge as a Scout and have been doing it ever since. Took up Fly fishing just four years ago when a guide in Stanely, Idaho told me he would tell me where the fish are if I fished with a fly rod only, so I bought one. And the next day I went where he told me and I caught one on my second cast. I was so excited I called up Seldom screaming like a school girl to tell him about it.

I graduated from Arizona State University in 1989 with an MS in Agribusiness. I own a Landscape Design company, and on the off season I dedicate my time to Landscape Photography this is where I get my inspiration. My first camera was a Vivitar 110 at the age of 12. I think i've been through 9 cameras and I still have them all.

Like I always say, "If I have the time, I will travel far for fish".

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