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Del Wilcox
born 62
married for a long long time since 82
Machinist/mold maker by trade (own my own shop since 1994)
3 kids a 16y girl 12y boy 5y girl
been in az since 82
my first 2 kids have more time on the water and in the woods than most adults . My boy has downsydrom and is a hunting/fishing fool. my daughter(1st one) was pretty much concieved born and grew up in unit 12b 13a and 12awest when she was 4-5 months she spent 3 weeks with me and my wife scouting and archery deer huting in kaibab( In a tent and with a back pack) I spend alot of time taking the kids fishing and hunting. mostly fishing.
I pretty much bass fish all the time anymore, mostly tournys but been slacking since dec of 2005

I pretty much only fly fished until I moved to AZ, I was born and raised in Japan and lived there till I was 15, Then Dad retired and let my sister and I pick the place where he would retire.
We moved to washington state in 78?
I live pretty much across the street from the puyallup river, so fishing everyday was a given for dolley varden, summer and winter run steelies silver salmon a few kings lots of trout.
I missed lots of school and pretty much hiked the cascade mountains from snoqualmie pass (sp) down to mount saint helens on a regualr basis.
One of my goals was to catch a golden trout, since i liked to hike high mountain lakes and fish them I aquired a 2 book set of every single body of water in washington state from the game and fish dept.( which my best friends dad ran in puyallup)
IN there they had the stocking dates and species of every fish on every body of water in the start( inluding all unnamed lakes how it was stocked etc) this was my bible for 3 years and I hit a ton of lakes.
ended up catching quite a few goldens and some huge bows up to 6lbs in unnamed lakes at elevations 8k-12k
So fishing was my passion since I was a kid I was taught how to fly fish by a man in Japan at the age of around 6-7 and thats pretty much all I did.
I have fished salt water and fresh water for everything from tuna,wahoo to sharks and have nailed almost every fresh water trout with the exception of Artic graylin newfoundland brook trout apache trout and gila trout. along with every salmon both in fresh and salt water. The best are silvers with in the first 2 miles of the bays in the rivers. sea run cuttthroats are a hoot to catch also.

Ive fished alaska, british columbia, and pretty much everystate in the usa except north dakota and hawaii ( I worked for my neighbor in the summer who was a truck driver and we drove all over the USA and canada he would stop by a river or lake to let me fish for a few hours)
I also tied all my own flies on hooks as small as a 24 in japan only 18,-24's and even smaller were used for trout( trust me Japan has the best trout fishing in the world besides new zeland, it also has some of the most ruggedest country in the world as well, we live at misawa AFB on the very northern tip of japan)
My favorite flys were the peacock lady and the parachutte flies, For trout I always did better on dryfiles and streamers ( Oh on a side note I also have put away somewhere 4 sqr feet of polar bar fur that I got in the 70's when it was legal.)
Anyway so I moved to AZ fly fished like crazy in 1982 but very small fish were to be caught with the exception of lees ferry so I just gave it up, and started Bass Fishing with OMG a Bait caster.

Thats my story and I am sticking to it
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