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South Fork Snake River

I just have an opinion based question for everyone. I am heading up to Idaho in late July this year and I will have a free day and planned to go over to the South Fork of the Snake River to wet a line. I have done some reading and found that a lot of guys fish the SF with a 6wt. I mostly fish small water and my largest rod is a 9'5wt Sage Z-axis that I take to the Ferry. For those of you that have fished the SF, is a 6wt necessary or can I do it with a 5? I'm hoping by that time of year to be throwing large dries. I would eventually like to get a 6wt as a double nymph or streamer rod but I can throw most things with my 5wt except the heaviest of streamers.

So what do you think? is the 6wt a necessity or a luxury on the South Fork? Thanks guys and I hope everyone is having a happy new year!
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