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We walk for a ways. Every 50 feet this guy turns around and asks if "this is the spot."

I break through the willows and look to my left. There is some unidentifiable figure with a fish on.

I yell "hey, lemme get a picture."

Ten seconds later I snap this shot.

This is the first time I stepped into the Juan. I was excited.

I watch people catch fish all around me for awhile, and take a few photos.

I looked hard to see who was fishing where. I spotted Chief among the throngs, but the area was full tippet to butt.

I wandered over away from the crowds and spied the one and only Cartman.

Is that Kenny snapping the photo?

The fish were shy of my fly, but there was Cartman and his buddy, laughing all along...

...some kind of sick joke, I tell ya....
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