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Originally Posted by stoneflynut View Post
It's been about 45 years since Glen Canyon Dam was completed. While Lake Powell was filling nutrient loads were higher as lots of organic debris was flooded. Those nutrients flowed into the Lees Ferry section and provided a good food base for trout. Now that the reservoir has matured, fewer nutrients mean less food for trout so they don't grow as big. Add to that the abundance of small fish all looking for a meal and you have fewer fish reaching large size. Logically, killing some smaller fish would lead to more larger fish but fewer total number in the system. Since guides like their clients to catch lots of fish, naturally they are reluctant to thin the population.

See the Game and Fish regulations for Lees Ferry below. They encourage anglers to take 4 smaller fish per day.

Colorado River
From Glen Canyon Dam to the beginning of the Paria riffle (Lees
Ferry). Trout over 12 inches may not be possessed. The limit is 4
trout per day and 8 trout in possession; artificial fly and lure only;
barbless hooks only. Trout taken from this portion of the Colorado
River shall be killed and retained as part of the bag limit or immediately
when is a good time of year to fish this area
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