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Great write up Terry. It fits my personal experience and information on the fishery exceptionally well. I remember the snakes; it was sad. Huge heads, leathery skin, lethargic starving fish. I agree it was a mistake to throw hatchery fish on top of the "strain" that had developed over the years at the Ferry.

One point worth emphasizing is how closely the fishery is tied to nutrients in Lake Powell. Just as nutrient inflows into the lake drive the food chain of plankton, shad and stripers it also drives the food chain of trout at the Ferry. A weather dependent function. The other variable is, of course, the operation of Glen Canyon Dam; something we can influence.

Meanwhile, this from your post is worth repeating:

"I cannot waste my time worrying about what might happen to the river that has given me and many others so much. I'm just going to keep doing what I have done for most of my life...helping others to enjoy the beauty of Glen Canyon, guiding and sharing my knowledge of trout and fishing, and to continue to do everything in my power to help to protect this National Treasure, the Lees Ferry Trout fishery."

Here's to tight lines and big grins.
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