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No, stocked fish are put in to be taken out by fishermen. Period. They are not stocked for birds, 'cause the birds or ESA do not pay for those trout. Anglers pay for hatcheries and stocked trout with your license and gear purchases. You just wasted a trout that another angler might have been happy to catch.

Yes, the wild browns are the main attraction, but there are not enough in there to keep most people happy. Chevelon is supplemental stocked with hatchery rainbows for something to catch when folks can't catch the browns. If the fishing sucks most of the time, some idiot is just going to throw bass in there.

I respectfully disagree that throwing a hatchery rainbow to an eagle instead of releasing it, is doing the fishery any good. And don't forget to add that wasted rainbow to your daily bag limit.
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