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San Juanuary II

Well San Juanuary II has come and gone! What I think is cool about one of these events is that it is not just a one weekend event, it is actually closer to 3 months. We plan and talk about it for 2 months prior, we do the event, and then for the next 3-4 weeks, we talk about all the cool things that happened. I want to thank everyone that attended, the comraderie, the food, the friendship, and the fishing were all fantastic. I got to know many of you for the first time, many of you I got to know better. This is an amazing group of like folks. If any of you have some fish pictures or snow shots or scenery shots that you would not mind sending me, I would really appreciate it. Would love to have a folder on my computer of pictures from the weekend. I was not able to fish with many of you, so a photo or two would be awesome. Thanks again to all of you.
Thanks, Paul

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